Are you a part of the 98% of people not called to pulpit ministry?

Do you feel a call to the marketplace but need greater clarity on what that should look like?

Do you desire to make a greater impact in the area of business you feel called to?

Then this virtual course, Biblical Influence in Business is just for you! 

In this FREE course I'll cover:
  • The concept of Business Influence in the Bible
  • The enemies you will face as you gain Influence in Business
  • Strategic steps and roles for gaining Influence in Business
  • The tool of Wealth as it relates to Influence in Business

The marketplace is the heart of the city, therefore, if we are going to establish Heaven on Earth in our cities, we must first do it in the marketplace. 

This FREE virtual course is a sample of the teaching you will receive by taking my three 6-week virtual certificate courses with the Eagles International Training Institute's School of Power and Activation (SOPAA).

Register now to receive this FREE 3-part course and be empowered to be all God has called you to be, excel in business, influence the marketplace, and disciple nations.

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